Patio Heater | Eco Patio Heater | Wood Burning Patio Heater

Environmentally friendly Patio Heater and cheap to heat. This Eco patio heater burns waste timber, dry combustible garden waste and seasoned logs. 2 top mounted stainless steel hot plates allow for cooking a variety of foods.

Designed to provide all round heat radiation at lower levels. Built to last for many years to come.

Stylish design.
British made.
Desirable garden feature.

(h) 660mm, (w) 490mm, (d) 620mm

Overall flue height 2m

Delivery 14 working days
£359.99 incl. VAT (Excl P&P)
------ "I bought mine on Friday and am very impressed with the build quality and sturdiness. You don't need anything else when you are doing a BBQ." - Andy K, Berks ------ "I have just bought one of your garden wood burning heaters, what a great product! I must say in this day and age it is very refreshing to come across a company who still values their customers!"" - Ian S, Berks ------ "Functional, robust and simple to use products that stand the test of time" - Adam S, London ------ "The build quality it outstanding! My family and I BBQ as much as we can, sometimes even in the rain. Next I need to get a cover for it." - Chris W, Hampshire